50 Great Things to Do in Derry: 1 - 10

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So here’s numbers 1 - 10 . . . from The Walls to The Line

1.Walk a mile-long lap of the finest old city walls in Europe. On your journey, you can visit the first Cathedral built after the reformation, numerous museums and arts centres, an Oscar-nominated multi-media complex, the pubs where the Undertones and D:Ream cut their teeth, and the public square which the US Navy marched through on their way to Normandy on D-Day.

2.Sample a bowl of stew at the Culturlann, home to the city’s Irish-speaking community and one of the most architectural significant buildings in Ireland, recently nominated for the Stirling Prize.

3.Pull a fresh salmon out of the River Faughan (but only after acquiring your fishing licence).

4.Get your photo taken at Free Derry Corner, arguably the most iconic revolutionary landmark in the world.

5.Take a ferry across Lough Swilly, home of world’s most expensive shipwreck, the SS Laurentic, which sank in 1917 carrying gold bullion worth £500m today. The Swilly was also the inspiration for the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’.

6.Nosedive into Amelia Earhart Country – visit the field where the pilot completed the first solo transatlantic flight by a woman, eighty years ago. Journal reporter Cecil King was among the first at the scene, and sent the story around the world.

7.Drive off at Ballyliffin Golf Club, the first course Rory McIlroy visited after he won the US Open.

8.Take a tour of the Bogside, scene of Bloody Sunday. It’s the home of what’s been described as the biggest open air art exhibition in the world, the murals by the Bogside Artists.

9.Catch a live band or traditional seisiún – there’s music seven days a week in dozens of venues from Sandinos to Peadars to the Nerve Centre.

10.Cycle out ‘The Line’, the old railway track, which runs along the river from Derry to Letterkenny. (Bring your waterproofs as it sometimes rains over the border in Donegal.)