6 Foodie dilemmas that divide Derry opinions

Yea or nay to the tobacco onion?
Yea or nay to the tobacco onion?

Food trends come and go, but when you’re from Derry it’s these dilemmas that are guaranteed to divide. What’s your opinion?

1. Is it a Paris bun or a German bun?

This debate will often divide workplaces as each side desperately tries to prove that the round, cone shaped bun sprinkled with sugar crystals is named after either the French capital, or the large European neighbour next door.

2. The Cadbury debate

The perennial question as to whether Cadbury chocolate bought ‘over the border’ is ‘better’ than the Derry stuff. It certainly has a different texture - or do you think that’s codswallop?

3. Doherty’s mince

Firstly, there’s a sudden realisation that Doherty’s mince is a truly Derry phenomenon. It’s near on impossible to get over once you get over the Glenshane. But is it better in a stew, or sliced in your morning fry?

4. To butter or not to butter?

The realisation that you can buy giant turnovers is a revelation indeed. But no matter their size, do you split it open and butter it, or have it as it is?

5. What to put in your morning bap

It’s popular with workmen and office workers alike, but is a sausage bap adequate, or are you one for a sausage roll bap instead?

6. Do you want tobacco onions with that?

The quality of a restaurant now rests on whether they dare to include, or omit, tobacco onions from their menu - depending on your viewpoint. Do they stay or do they go?