6am workouts, ‘no problem’ says Aoibheann

Aoibheann Carlin. (0510Sl13) Photo: Stephen Latimer
Aoibheann Carlin. (0510Sl13) Photo: Stephen Latimer

You’d have to be insane to get up at 6 a.m. to do a 45 minute exercise workout.

Unless you’re Aoibheann Carlin!

The local firefighter has found a way for women in the city to get on with their busy lives and make time for exercise - getting up a little earlier.

Aoibheann who runs female only classes at Galaxy GTC says women are embracing the notion of early morning workouts as our lives get busier and busier.

“We started 6.30 classes here at Galaxy initially for the mums of the girls doing cheer, and trampolining,” said Aoibheann. “Some of them found it hard to get up initially, but when they got going they found they had more energy throughout the day. It also means women don’t have to dread the thought of going to the gym after work. This way they get up, get their exercise done and have it over them first thing.”

Currently Galaxy offer Kettlebells, Combat, Circuits, Equilibrium (a mix of pilates and yoga) and Hit Training.

“You don’t have to be an expert in fitness,” explained Aoibheann, “people of all levels attend the classes.”

Galaxy now operates exclusively for women.

“Our classes have most appeal for women,” she said. “We knew that there are women who don’t feel comfortable in a class with men so we decided to make it a female only club.”

The Derry woman, a medal winner at the last Firefighter Olympic Games says the classes also keep here on her toes and keep her own fitness levels high.

You can pay by month or per class, no obligation to sign up for a year,” said Aoibheann.

All the classes follow a fitness programme so Aoibheann says there will be “no skiving” but you “get out of it what you put into it.”

“There’s a real social side and the women all get on,” she said. “You can set targets and we do your weight and measurements.”

Classes run all week and a full programme can be found on the Galaxy facebook site. You can try out the 6.30am classes on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays at Galaxy (next to Jungle King).

You can also contact Aoibheann on 07970205307 or email galaxygtc@live.co.uk