80-years-old woman shaken after almost being hit by cyclist

The incident occurred in the Queen's Quay area.
The incident occurred in the Queen's Quay area.

An 80-years-old who claims to have narrowly avoided being struck by a speeding cyclist on Queen’s Quay on Saturday has called for ‘Slow down!’ signs to be erected.

“I was walking along the path beside the Council office car park and was stepping across because one side of the path was all wet. This boy came flying past, yelling to get out of the way. I called to him, ‘why have you no bell?”’

The woman who asked not to be identified was badly shaken by the incident, which she has reported to the PSNI.

“It’s not marked out as a cycle path and if cyclists use it like this without even using a bell there’ll be a very serious accident,” she complained.

The woman said signs should be put up warning cyclists to slow down or dismount.