A baffling sign in Buncrana

The confusing sign at Buncrana.
The confusing sign at Buncrana.

The location of street signs at a junction in Buncrana is creating quite the conundrum for motorists.

The ‘Journal’ received this photo from Brian Kavanagh, depicting the dilemma he faced with when trying to travel from Maginn Avenue up to Buncrana’s Main Street.

Mr Kavanagh states: “If you are ever in Beautiful Buncrana (it is the most beautiful place in the whole world) and you do not want to get ‘stuck’ there then do not drive up Maginn Avenue to the Main Street or you will get ‘stuck’ in Buncrana.

“When you get to the top of Maginn Avenue you can’t go left, you can’t go right, you can’t reverse because Maginn Avenue is a one-way street and you can’t go forward or you will crash in to Rodden’s Bar or the A.I.B. (Allied Irish Bank) .”

He perused: “Maybe you could bring a helicopter with you and go up towards the sky and send the bill to the Donegal County Council?”

The picture shows how, opposite the exit of Maginn Avenue, there are two signs one stating ‘no left turn’ and the other stating ‘no right turn.’

There is a sign at opposite the entrance of Maginn Avenue which alerts motorists travelling down the Main Street that they can’t turn left to travel down the avenue. There is then a sign beside it facing Maginn Avenue to alert motorists they cannot turn right. However, it seems that when Mr Kavanagh took the picture these signs had moved and were causing the confusion.