A crazy decade for Fergie

Recently nominated for 3 of the 2007 coveted Northern Irish Dance Music Awards Robert Ferguson (aka Fergie) challenges the belief that '…a prophet is without honour in his own country…' It's been a crazy, hectic and verging on the downright insane ten years for the young upstart from Northern Ireland since he first hopped on a plane to pursue his DJ dream. From being championed as the man most likely to continue Tony De Vit's hard house legacy to the tech-house, minimal a

Fergie moved to Belfast at a young age. One of his dad’s friends emigrated to Scandinavia to become a DJ and upon a returning visit said he would take the then 11 year old boy to The Arena Club in Armagh. Of course, being sneaked into a heaving club at such a young age quite literally blew his mind. “I didn’t even know what to think,” he recalls. “It was like – what is this? I look back on it now and just laugh about it. It was there and then that I wanted to be a DJ. I bugged my dad’s mate in the car on the way back asking him what the music was and what they played.” Soon school started fading into the distance as Fergie skipped lessons to go down to the local record shop and was subsequently to be found working there. Earning a paltry 25 a week, the repayments on his first set of turntables gave him 5 a week to live on.

Not many DJs can lay claim to having their club debut at the tender age of 14 but the ambitious young Fergie did just that. By the age of 16, he had infiltrated and exhausted Ireland's club scene and set his sights across the water. Upon arriving in the UK he was soon introduced to the late and great Tony De Vit who became a friend and mentor and before long was making a name for himself in renowned nights such as 'Trade.' Before long the accolades came thick and fast, the hype kicked in, everything became a bit of a blur and a rather bemused looking Fergie was collecting awards and making acceptance speeches. “They were special times,” he fondly recalls but already his itchy feet were looking to find a new musical impetus.

Fergie’s new label will reflect his musical tastes and the music and styles that he plays in his club sets. As well as being a platform for his own productions the label will be licensing classic tracks such as ‘The Book’ Salt City Orchestra with remixes and reworks from the likes of Gregor Tresher. Spekter and Tom Pooks. Fergie’s latest release ‘El Capitano’ will be followed by a compilation later this year.

With monthly Excentric Events in London, Perth and Birmingham, local gigs at venues such as Firefly in Bristol with M.A.N.D.Y and Alex Under, Seeme Techno Night in Bulgaria, Barcelona where Fergie will be teaming up with fellow countryman Phil Kieran (Shine/Alloy Mental) plus Funk de Void and SLAM, not to mention the Anti World Festival with James Holden, Adam Beyer and Thomas Schumacher, linking up with Radio 1 for The Essential Mix and Radio 1 Big Week-end……oh and not forgetting Excentric @ Kayna Ibiza from 18 June to 10 September….it certainly is HAPPY DAYS for FERGIE!