A ferry good idea

ferry link plans for direct route from inishowen to scotland

The economy-boosting link, which was first mooted in 2001, was raised following this week’s AGM of the Inishowen Municipal District, at which it was stated the possibility of such a service should be looked at as “a matter of urgency.”

The issue was raised by Councillor Albert Doherty, who told how, in 2001, he, along with councillors Rena Donaghey and Bernard McGuinness, formed part of a delegation to South Ayrshire in Scotland.The aim of the tip was to establish connections and address the possibility of establishing a ferry link between Moville/Greencastle and Troon in South Ayrshire.

Councillor Doherty said the plan then was to link the entire North West with Scotland and said the time was now right to kick-start it again.

He was backed by Councillor McGuinness, who said they had previously been informed an area of harbour at Troon had been reserved for the possibility of a ferry link between it and Moville or Greencastle.He said the idea of the “peninsula-hopping service” had been “allowed to wane” in recent times but said the Inishowen Municipal District should now look at the possibility of once again developing and strengthening these links.

He said it would tie in with the Sailwest project, which will develop infrastructure along the coast from Donegal to Sligo, Northern Ireland and along the west coast of Scotland.Colr. McGuinness pointed out that as a municipal district, the councillors now had more autonomy to progress projects such as these, adding they should look at the plan as a “matter of urgency” adding there could be a possibility of European funding.

Colr. Rena Donaghey agreed, pointing out the service had “always been at the top of Colr McGuinness’ agenda.”She proposed the issue could warrant a special, one issue agenda, meeting: “A lot of work was done which we’d need to follow up,” she said.