A new focus for Derry photographer Andrea O’Hare

Photographer Andrea O'Hare
Photographer Andrea O'Hare

For 28 years Andrea O’Hare’s name has been synonymous with photography in Derry.

But anyone driving along the Strand Road of late will have noticed that her photography studio, Studio22 is closing its doors.

But Andrea is keen for people to know that this does not mark the end of her time behind the lens - and in fact. She is going back to photograph full time that which she loves most - weddings.

“We’ve run Studio22 for 14 years - as a marketing group - specialising in portraits. I travelled between all the studios and I suppose in that time there was only the chance for a limited number of weddings.

“But we found that the demand was still there.”

Andrea had always loved photographing weddings - believing she has a natural eye for photographing a bride’s big day.

“At college I studied creative photography and art, so I liked to mix medias and I think that is what gave my photographs a different feel to them.

“I was trained on old school film - and you need a certain eye to work that way - to know which way lighting will work in your favour or against you.

“Although I’ve switched to a digital camera now, I still work with my ‘film head’ on.”

Planning on keeping ahead of the game, Andrea is focusing on a lot of outdoor photography and also on photographing weddings overseas. She currently works with a wedding planner in France - a country she has loved since she travelled there on her honeymoon.

Having streamlined her business to now work from home, Andrea is also freed up to move further into lecturing and working with camera clubs around the country.

But her passion will always be behind the lens.

“We want to thank all our previous clients from Studio22 - and to assure them that while our doors are closing we have retained all raw files and clients will still be able to order from us by contacting me through my website.”