‘A new generation of women are rising to demand full equality’

Becca Bor
Becca Bor

The movement for women’s equality is “shaking the reactionary foundations of both states” in Ireland, a People Before Profit representative in Derry has said.

PBP Pro-Choice campaigner Becca Bor was speaking after local party representatives joined tens of thousands of people on the streets of Dublin and Belfast in recent weeks to demand the right to choose.

Becca Bor said the majority of people in Ireland believed abortion laws needed to change here.

“A new generation of women are rising to demand full equality and won’t be told from the pulpit, parliament or press we can’t have it,” she said.

“In Dublin, more than 40,000 protesters, overwhelmingly young women, took to the streets to demand the Repeal of the reactionary 8th amendment and access to free, safe and legal abortion. In Belfast, thousands marched for the right to choose and access to the NHS.

“People Before Profit demands the right for women to choose but we also demand proper economic and social support to raise children.

“Standing up for women’s rights and for working class families means opposing Welfare Reform, benefit cuts being rolled out with Universal Credit, the bedroom tax, massive cuts to the health service, and supporting the fight for universal childcare and a fully funded education system.”

She also urged broad participation at the Alliance for Choice conference in Derry on Saturday December 2.

“A majority of people across Ireland believe abortion laws must change,” Becca Bor said.

“A majority of people oppose the criminalisation of women who access abortion and abortion pills. We are uniting the pro-choice movement across the entire Ireland.

“The struggle for the right to choose, north and south, is central to the struggle for a new Ireland. Talk of equality is meaningless unless women have full control over their bodies and lives.

“We salute those generations of brave women who have fought against incredible odds to lay the groundwork for extending freedom today.”