A poem for Peace by Ruth Nesbitt

I love Derry

It’s a great wee town

It breaks my heart to see it

battle torn and worn

I love the Derry people

It matters not to me

If it’s church or chapel

They go to bend their knee

When we are in hospital

We don’t ask

What religion are the staff

Only grateful for their help

People there never say

Kneel and Pray

Are you right foot or are you left?

Only ‘say a little prayer for me and I’ll say one for you’

To see our town divided

It seems so very sad

To show the world we can’t agree

To live in peace within our christian land

Does it really matter

What our town is called

Just agree to differ

And call it our own special name

I grew up in a mixed area

I am proud to say

My neighbours I still remember with

great respect and fondness today

My childhood days were happy

No fighting scarred our lives

My children stayed together

Without any sign of strife

Life would be so boring

If we all felt the same

A garden of mixed flowers is

much nicer than the same

Although I am a Presbyterian

As they say born and bred

And proud and privileged to call

many Catholics my friends

Both sides must work together

And reach out helping hands

To try and join together

Our divided land