A ‘rammed’ day for pocket radio fans

Rams' Pocket Radio who plays two Derry shows, The Nerve Centre and Sandinos on December 2.
Rams' Pocket Radio who plays two Derry shows, The Nerve Centre and Sandinos on December 2.

One of the most exciting young talents to emerge from the 2011 Northern Irish music scene, Rams’ Pocket Radio is to play two Derry concerts in early December.

Younger fans of the Lisburn native will snap up tickets to his December 2 Nerve Centre show. This concert is for 14+ and has an early start. Later that same night, Rams’ Pocket Radio will ply his wares on the Sandinos stage. This is strictly an over 18s show.

Peter McCauley AKA Rams’ Pocket is a drummer, pianist and a very diverse songwriter whose musical career started in the National Youth Orchestra of Northern Ireland. McCauley was one of the leading percussionists in the ensemble, boldly tackling the likes of Wagner and Gustav Mahler.

Then followed a move to Belfast in pursuit of an Architecture degree, where experimentations with a post-hardcore band slowly evolved into the songs now performed under the Rams’ Pocket Radio pseudonym.

Who, though, is ‘Rams’, and what is the significance of his pocket radio? Peter’s stage-name is taken from the 1950’s product designer Dieter Rams: viewed by many as the key inspiration behind the iPod, and various Apple products. “I was reading an article about historical icons in Wallpaper magazine,” says McCauley, “and they had set out a reconstruction of Rams’ desk. On it was a pocket radio, and I was amazed at how ahead of his time he was, if you look at the iPod today. He had a real manifesto for working, and that’s the main thing I’ve taken from him when making music: purity, simplicity and longevity were his main concerns, and they’re mine as well.

“You want to build something that could last forever.”

A new EP from Rams Pocket Radio, ‘Dogs Run In Packs’ is released on November 25.