A Whole Handlin at Millennium Forum

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A Whole Handlin - the brand new comedy by Irene Melaugh takes a very tongue-in-cheek look at the perils of drink, mixed with marriage.

Husbands, you really need to see this play for your own safety. Wives, come along and take notes for future reference.

A very funny story with unforgettable characters, this play is about real people who find themselves in a very surreal situation.

After meeting an untimely end at the hand of his long-suffering wife Daisy, the late, great [drinker] Hegarty lays-in-state in the cathedral.

Outraged, the husbands want the culprit to swing for her crime, while the wives think she should be canonized.

In an effort to spring Hegarty from the chapel and give him an Irish wake, Liam, Bosco and Soupy organize a march to, “Free The Derry One.”

But before an accommodation can be reached Hegarty disappears from the cathedral. The police show up at the deceased’s watering hole to question all his former, drinking partners. Did one or more of them steal the body? Or was it one of the woman? Madge, the desperate spinster: Dotsie, the doter: Marie, the husband terrorize-er: Or Biddley, the permanently, horizontal, lady of the night.

Contains some strong language and adult themes.

Irene’s new play, “A Whole Handlin,” will be staged in the Millennium Forum in Derry in February 2014.