A6 tender move is ‘good news’ for Dungiven

Traffic in Dungiven (file photo)
Traffic in Dungiven (file photo)

Progress on the A6 upgrade with news the construction tender for the A6 dual carriageway betweenDungiven to Drumahoe has been issued has been welcomed as a step in the right direction.

The tender is for the design and construction of a new 25.5kms “high standard dual carriageway from Drumahoe to Dungiven, including a 5kms bypass of Dungiven.”

The scheme will include the provision of carriageway upgrades, four compact grade separated junctions and Park and Ride/Share facilities. The contract duration is 42 months.

The tenders submission deadline is March 28.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard told the ‘Journal’ last year, the Dungiven bypass will go ahead in 2018. He said the matter “isn’t even up for debate.”

Sinn Féin’s Cathal Ó hÓisin has welcomed news the construction tender has been issued.

The East Derry candidate said: “I welcome the news that the construction tender for the A6 dual carriageway Dungiven to Drumahoe has moved to advertising state.

“This is a significant step in moving the Dungiven bypass forward. This is further evidence of Sinn Féin ministers delivering for the north-west.”

Campaigners for the bypass have been lobbying for the 5km scheme for years. A spokesperson for Dungiven Bypass Committee said alongside concerns over traffic congestion, they have major health concerns surrounding pollution levels.

A spokesperson said the move was to be welcomed and was ‘good news’.