Abandoned bus in Isle of Doagh under investigation

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Gardai in Inishowen are currently investigating the theft of a Lough Swilly Bus from Carndonagh on Monday night, the ‘Journal’ has learned.

The bus, which was stolen from the bus depot yard somewhere between the hours of 6pm and 4.30am on Tuesday morning, was driven to the Isle of Doagh area where it was abandoned across the road.

A spokesperson from the Lough Swilly Bus Company said the bus had been parked in the middle of a narrow road, completely blocking any other vehicles from getting past.

“We were contacted by the Gardai in the middle of the night to say the bus had been discovered in the Isle of Doagh.

“Thankfully we got the bus back with no damage to the vehicle.”

It is thought the act was carried out by someone wishing to play a practical joke.

However Lough Swilly confirmed the Gardai are currently investigating the incident.

“This could have cause an accident as it was completely obstructing a narrow road and potentially it could have been very dangerous.”

The spokesperson also revealed they have no leads at this stage.

“The yard where the local school and public service buses are parked isn’t locked at night so I suppose anybody could have got in to steal the bus as everyone would have access to the depot.”

Gardai in Inishowen are currently appealing for any witnesses to come forward with information on the theft.

The Swilly spokesperson said; “We are hoping people will come forward and give any information they have to the Gardai Station in Carndonagh as they are currently leading the investigation.

“You can contact them on 074 93 74109.”