Abducted man speaks out

A man who was abducted by vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs on Sunday night has said he is not involved in the drugs trade.

The man, who did not want to be identified, was one of two people abducted from the Brandywell area on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, a teenager was taken out of a taxi and bundled into a car by a number of masked men and driven to the Foyle Road area where he was released a short time later.

In the second abduction, a man in his 40s was taken from a flat in the Brandywell area and questioned for several hours by several men wearing masks to hide their identity. It is not known if the men were armed.

The man was previously named by RAAD as being an associate of an individual they claim is a drug dealer.

However, the man rejected that he was involved in anything illegal. “I was abducted because I am a friend of someone who they claim is a drug dealer but I have no association with him other than the fact we are friends. They said I had been targeted because of my association with this other person.

“I am not a drug dealer and I am not involved in the drugs trade in any way,” he said,

The man also said the masked men told him they intend to “clean up” the Brandywell area.

“They said they are going to clean up the Brandywell like they did in Creggan,” he said.

The man also said he hoped the vigilante group would accept his assurances and leave him alone. “I just want to be left in peace,” he said.