Accident sparks speed limit call

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A three-car pile-up near the Magnet Bar in Culmore has sparked renewed calls for a 30 mile-an-hour speed limit in the village.

No-one was seriously injured in the accident, which happened at 6.45 on Saturday evening, but one of the cars was badly damaged and was abandoned in the car park outside the pub.

Mary Casey of the Culmore Residents Association, says the accident demonstrated the urgent need to introduce a 30 miles-per-hour speed limit through the village.

“What we are after is not special treatment, just equality with other villages which have a 30 miles-per-hour limit,” she said.

“You don’t have cars driving through Eglinton at 40 miles-per-hour, so while are they allowed to drive at that speed through culmore?

“We have 20,000 cars a day driving through the village.

“We have been told that a by-pass is not going to happen and there is no money for development of the Culmore Road apart from the widening of the road at the Foyle Bridge.

“There are real issues that need to be dealt with starting with the speed limit.”