Act of kindness to homeless man in Derry cafe touches hearts online

Warehouse No1 Bistro and Cafe
Warehouse No1 Bistro and Cafe

A act of Christmas goodwill has touched the hearts of Derry people over the weekend, as a local cafe reported how their customers helped a homeless man have a bite to eat.

Shared almost 700 times on social media already, the original post by Warehouse No1 Cafe and Bistro proved that Christmas spirit is alive a well.

In the post the manager Ruben wrote, “Today the most amazing thing happened at the Warehouse No1. This morning a lovely lady came in for her breakfast.

“On her way out she came to the till and asked us if could buy a gift voucher of £15, and we said ‘Of course.’

“At lunch time a homeless man “Jimmy” came to the door and asked us if he was allowed in the shop, of course we told him he was very welcome in the shop, and guess what? He had the voucher of £15 to spend for his lunch. “And we realised that the voucher we had sold this morning to this AMAZING lady was her gift to Jimmy..

Yet this was not the end of the story as the post continued, “And the best part is still yet to come.

“When Jimmy was placing his order another customer came forward and paid Jimmy’s lunch and drink.

“We were so amazed by these acts of kindness that make us realise that with such small gestures like these you can make someone’s day! Thank you to this AMAZING woman and OUTSTANDING gentleman. Stories like these are worth sharing.”

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ today Ruben said, “It was an impressive gesture and we were all so surprised.

“It shows that the small things can make a difference.”

This morning ‘Jummy’ still has his voucher to spend and popped his head in the door of the cafe to say hello to everyone.

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