#AE16: Two unionist candidates eliminated at Foyle Assembly Election count

The Ulster Unionist Party candidate Julia Kee and former DUP MLA Maurice Devenney who contested the election as an Independent Unionist after his acrimonious departure from his former party both bowed out at the 3rd stage on 1,484 and 1,213 votes respectively.

Friday, 6th May 2016, 5:08 pm
Updated Friday, 6th May 2016, 7:12 pm
Ulster Unionist Party's Julia Kee.JPG

This brings the total amount of candidates eliminated to date to six. Other candidates eliminated in the first stage were Alan Dunlop of the Conservatives, Mary Hasson of the Green Party, Chris McCaw of the Alliance and John Lindsay Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol.

The second count brought transfers into play for the first time in the count and after Stage Two the figures looked as follows: Ind Kathleen Bradley +26 total: 928, Ind Un Maurice Devenney +17 total 1,190, SDLP Gerard Diver +43 total 2,743, SDLP Mark H Durkan + 71 total 4,268, SDLP Colum Eastwood + 69 total 5,069, UUP Julia Kee + 57 total 1,477, PBPA Eamonn McCann +178 total 4,354, Sinn Fein Raymond McCartney +22 total 3,220, Ind Anne McCloskey +74 total 3,484, Sinn Fein Martin McGuinness + 33 total 5,070, Sinn Fein Maeve McLaughlin + 10 total 3,070, DUP Gary Middleton + 33 total 4,770.

Totals for Stage 3 were as follows: SDLP Gerard Diver +54 total 2,797, SDLP Mark H Durkan +127 total 4,395, SDLP Colum Eastwood +42 total 5,111, PBPA Eamonn McCann +197 total 4,551, Sinn Fein Raymond McCartney +50 total 3,270, Ind Anne McCloskey +199 total 3,683, Martin McGuinness +98 total 5,168, Sinn Fein Maeve McLaughlin +42 total 3,114, DUP Gary Middleton +2 total 4,772.

There was a total of 40,187 votes cast in Foyle, and with 485 spolied votes the total number of votes counted was 39,702. The quota was set at 5,672. No one has as yet fulfilled the quota nor been deemed elected in Foyle.

The count is expected to continue for several hours yet.