Ahoy! Singing Kettle sails in

Singing Kettle - Pirate Island'Picture by John Young
Singing Kettle - Pirate Island'Picture by John Young

When the Singing Kettle return to Derry this weekend they are returning with a little bit of sea -faring flair and landlubbers - aka mammies and daddies who aren’t prepared to sing along - better beware.

“It’s a very interactive show,” Kevin Macleod who will appear on stage as a Captain Jack Sparrow-a-like in the company’s Pirate Party, “And we expect everyone to get involved. Be warned, if you are a mum or dad and aren’t singing along, or are worse still are sitting looking at Facebook on your phone, you could find yourself the star of the show!”

Aimed at children or all ages, but most specifically at the under 10s, The Singing Kettle’s brand of interactive entertainment has been thrilling local audiences - and audiences through England, Wales and their native Scotland for years.

The recipe for their success is simple. “We just have a lot of fun,” Kevin said, “Sometimes I do look at my life and think ‘I’m getting paid to act like a 7 year old’, but it’s all good fun and I have to say I love my job.”

The father of two has been with the Singing Kettle theatre group full time for ten years now and says that despite the increase in the number of entertainment outlets available to children, they still seem to get as much joy from a trip to the theatre as they always did.

“I think they still see it as a treat, which is brilliant. Going to theatre was such a big deal when I was a wee boy - I remember the sense of occasion and you get something from a live show that you simply can’t get from something on the telly or the computer.

“I think people are often surprised as just how much we like our audiences to get involved with the shows and children are still as eager to sing along as they always were. It’s brilliant when you look out over the audience and see them all singing along, and doing all the actions.”

The Singing Kettle Pirate Party will be at the Millennium Forum on Saturday at 2pm. To book phone the Box Office on 71264455 or visit www.millenniumforum.co.uk