Airport worker expresses anger over parking ‘ban’

City of Derry Airport car park. DER0414JM036
City of Derry Airport car park. DER0414JM036

A worker at City of Derry Airport has claimed staff now face a bill of up to £14 a day if they want to keep parking in the main carpark over the summer months.

The man claimed that vehicle recognition at the entrance to the carpark- which had always previously admitted staff cars- had been altered and was no longer allowing them in.

City of Derry Airport. DER0414JM038

City of Derry Airport. DER0414JM038

He also said that alternative options put forward by management at the Eglinton airport was totally unacceptable.

A spokeswoman for City of Derry Airport (CoDA) said that the main carpark was “designated primarily for customers” and that two free overspill car parks had been made available for workers.

However the worker claimed that the ground was so uneven at one site in the Longfield area that cars had been damaged last year when the same issue arose, and staff then had to put it through their own insurance.

He added that there had been attempted break-ins at several other vehicles at the same site, while another plot was also deemed unsuitable.

The airport worker- who did not want to be named- said there was no issue during the rest of the year with using the main car park.

“This is the second year in a row and it is getting beyond a joke,” he said.

“This year because of the holiday flights and stuff what they do is take online bookings at a cheaper rate and fill the main car park and because that’s full they look to the staff then to remove their cars.”

He said the area where they were asked to park was “rough, uneven ground”, adding: “There were at least five staff cars damaged last year.

“There were some attempted break-ins and a couple badly scraped. I know one worker whose car was badly damaged because of the shape of the ground. Now they are putting us out there again. What they are saying is that the other option is we can pay for the public car park, which is £12/13/14 a day. Why? There is nothing but hire cars there, and there is space down by the hangars below us, why can’t they move the hire cars down there? There must be a good 30 hire cars there at the minute.”