Alcohol awareness project launched

An alcohol intervention project targeted at parents and carers of young children has been launched in Limavady.

“My Name is Katie” Project which is supported by Drinkaware UK, and was launched in Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre targets parents and carers of Key Stage 2 children, to raise awareness of the influence they can have in respect of their children’s attitudes and experiences of alcohol and provide useful support, information and advice.

At the core of the project are young children demonstrating how their lives can be negatively affected by alcohol.

Bridget McCaughan, Community Safety Manager with Limavady Borough Council, said: “The four Community Safety Partnerships are delighted to be launching this project and supporting parents and carers to reduce the harm alcohol can have on the lives of young people.

“The dvd and resource pack will be disseminated widely across the four council areas.”

Speaking at the launch, Chris Sorek, Chief Executive, Drinkaware said: “Parents may not think their children would want to talk to them about alcohol, but 75% want to.

“Research shows children see their parents as role models and trusted sources of advice. Drinkaware provides facts and age appropriate advice to help parents speak confidentally to their children about alcohol. We’re delighted the partnership approached us to support its “Katie” initiative as we know the later a child drinks, the less likely they are to binge drink or have problems with alcohol later in life.”

Brendan Doherty, Chair of Limavady Community Safety Partnership added, “It is hoped that My Name is Katie will provide much needed support and advice for parents and carers in respect of appropriate communication with young children around alcohol.”

The project is funded by Department of Justice Community Safety Unit. Further information can be obtained by contacting Bridget McCaughan at Limavady Borough Council on 777 60311.