Alert declared a hoax

The suspect device at Ballymagroarty on Wednesday morning.  (2904JB040)
The suspect device at Ballymagroarty on Wednesday morning. (2904JB040)

A security alert in Derry has been declared an elaborate hoax.

Police evacuated a number of homes in the Ballymagroarty area of the city early this morning after the discovery of a suspicious object.

Around 100 people were forced out of their homes during the operation that saw British Army technical Officers tasked to the scene.

It has now been confirmed by police to be a hoax.

PSNI area commander Chief Inspector John Burrows says those behind the alert “have no part to play in our community”

“The blame for this whole incident today must be firmly laid at the feet of a small number who have no regard for who may be affected by their actions and as a community we should be looking to blame this disruption on the person or persons who made the calls claiming the device had been left.”

Chief Inspector Burrows also confirmed two arrests had been made for public order offences after “some elements within the area attacked my officers and tried to breach the cordon.”