Almost 70% opt for name change

The Guildhall and surrounding area.
The Guildhall and surrounding area.

Almost 70% of people who responded to an online straw poll on what the name of the city should be. have opted for ‘Derry’.

More than 200 people responded to the poll on the ‘Derry Journal’ website, while over 100 people gave a diverse range of views via Facebook and Twitter.

The city skyline silhouetted under grey skies

The city skyline silhouetted under grey skies

The ‘Journal’ ran the poll in the wake of a decision by Derry & Strabane Council to look into making ‘Derry’ the city’s official name.

Sinn Fein Councillor Eric McGinley made the proposal to seek advice on how best to proceed with this last Thursday at a full council meeting, and the proposal went through despite unionist anger at the move.

The issue was raised at the council meeting in the Guildhall following a Facebook campaign and web page campaigning for Derry to be made the official name,

The ‘Journal’ poll asked local people ‘What should the city be called?’ with a list of seven options, including ‘other’.

A total of 218 people have responded to the survey over the weekend.

Of these, 151 (69%) opted for ‘Derry’, while 34 people (16%) opted for ‘Londonderry’.

A further 13 people (6%) opted for the Gaelic ‘Doire’, and a further 4% (eight people) selected ‘Dhoire CholmCille’

Names seen as compromises didn’t fare too well, with just 3% (six people) choosing ‘Derry-Londondeerry-Doire’ and 1% (three people) opting for ‘Foyle’, the same number as opted for ‘Other’.

Derry & Strabane Council is now set to write to Environment Minister Mark H, Durkan for clarity on how it could proceed in having the name officially installed as ‘Derry’.