Altnagelvin medics came in during holidays to see patients

Altnagelvin Hospital.
Altnagelvin Hospital.

A senior surgeon and radiologist cut their holiday time short to help cope with increased numbers in Altnagelvin’s breast clinic the ‘Journal’ has learned.

The Western Trust’s chief executive Elaine Way made the revelation yesterday at the monthly meeting of the Western Trust Board where it was revealed that Altnagelvin Hospital had 20 breaches of their 14 day target to see women at breast clinic in November.

Teresa Molloy, Director of Performance & Service Improvement said this breach was “unprecedented.”

She added that the breast clinic had experienced increased pressure as a result of an awareness campaign on breast cancer during the month of October.

She added to combat this the Trust put on additional clinics and all patients were seen within 15 days.

“This is a good performance,” she said. “Although we are not meeting the ministerial standard, there have been significant pressures. Regionally the Western Trust is performing the best.”

It was also revealed that in November the accident and emergency department had five breaches of the 12 hour target. However, one of these breaches was because the patient was too ill to leave A&E.