Amy planning to volunteer on Everest

Amy Webster with her boyfriend Ryan Lloyd-Davies.
Amy Webster with her boyfriend Ryan Lloyd-Davies.

A Derry girl who was trapped on Mount Everest after the Nepal Earthquake triggered avalanches was today expected to begin the next phase of her descent off the world’s highest mountain.

Amy Webster and her boyfriend Ryan Lloyd Davies from England now plan to volunteer with the Red Cross to help those wounded or left homeless once they make it to their next destination.

The duo are believed to have teamed up with the sister of TV star Amanda Holden, and Amy earlier this week was able to confirm to her family in Derry that they have made it to a deserted town.

Amy, Ryan, like Debbie Holden, had been stranded in the Gorak Shep area on Mt Everest during the avalanche. It is understood that Debbie was only able to let her celebrity sister and the rest of her family know she was OK by borrowing Amy’s phone last weekend.

Debbie Holden, who is a diving instructor in Thailand, has joined forces with Amy (24) and Ryan to make their descent on Tuesday.

Amy spoke to the Journal about how they were going to try and reach the town of Pheriche.

On Tuesday her family received their first message from her in two days.

Amy’s mother Bernie said the family were “very relieved to get the message”.

Relaying her daughter’s latest movements, Mrs Webster said: “They headed down the mountain yesterday towards Pheriche but when they got there it had been devastated and everyone had left.

“They checked the hospital and it too was empty.

“They went on to Dingboche where they have clean water and food. There are also two bakeries.

“They are staying there for two days and then heading for Namche where the people from Pheriche have been evacuated to.

“When they get there they are going to offer to volunteer with the Red Cross.”

Britain’s Got Talent star Amanda Holden revealed how her sister has been stranded on Mount Everest following the avalanche caused by the Nepal earthquake.

Speaking on This Morning, she said: “It’s awful, I can barely speak. My sister is climbing Mount Everest and very luckily she is at a place that is the last camp before you get to base camp one on the south side, and there was only four of them left at that camp because my sister was suffering so badly from altitude sickness she didn’t walk up to base camp - which actually, potentially might have saved her life.

“She is with a friend and I think they have hooked up with another girl called Amy.

“I’m not sure of her surname, but we have Amy’s telephone number who my sister has managed to send a text to my mother and me.”