An affront to relatives

Dear Sir,

Like many of the 30,000 people who marched to commemorate those who died and were injured on Bloody Sunday, I agree with Tony Doherty, (Derry Journal 4th February).

The coverage of this most memorable event by BBC Radio Foyle was disgraceful and an affront to the Bloody Sunday relatives and those present in the Guildhall Square.

That the people came out in such numbers is testimony of their support for the decision by the majority of the Bloody Sunday families that this should be the last March but not the last commemoration. This overwhelmingly emotional occasion, was all but ignored by Radio Foyle, who choose to report the divisive tactics of a small group of people with an obvious political agenda. However the coverage was sym p tomatic of the decline in standards of what was once our local radio station but is now subject to the dictats of the Belfast bosses of Radio Ulster.

Is it any wonder people are voting with their fingers and turning off the shambles that is now the morning programme on Radio Foyle.


Turned Off

(Name and address supplied)