An Imbeciles Guide to First Aid

Tony Sutcliffe is stand-up comedian based in Newcastle Co. Down. who has performed stand up comedy at many venues in England and Ireland including the Millennium Forum in Derry, Galway Comedy Festival, and the Empire, Belfast. Over the past few months, and has now developed a unique new show called ‘An Imbecile’s Guide to First Aid’, in collaboration with comedy writing partner Geoff Ingram.

The premise of the show is to involve the audience as participants in a first-aid training course. During the show, I take the audience and a few volunteers through subjects such as how to take a pulse, basic anatomy, childbirth, and CPR - (including how not to operate an AED machine). The show also includes a humorous look at my upbringing in Yorkshire, how I lost one eye, politics, working with celebrities, and, of course, Hitler!