Anderson to open Waterside office

Groupe GUE
Groupe GUE

Sinn Féin will open its new European constituency office on Spencer Road in the Waterside area of the city.

The office, which will be used by Martina Anderson MEP, will be located in Spencer House.

Announcing the move, Derry Sinn Féin chairperson Andrew McCartney said; “I am pleased to confirm that the new European offices for MEP Martina Anderson will be based in Derry and that they will be located in the Waterside area of city.

“It’s another big step for Sinn Féin and is all part of building the party across the country and providing a first class constituency service. In past fortnight Gerry Adams has opened our new offices at Ráth Mór in Derry and another office down in Trim.”

Mr McCartney said the opening of the new office is an indication of the growth of the party in the city. “Sinn Féin is looking to the future with confidence and vision. I would appeal to even more of our citizens, particularly women and young people to join Sinn Féin and help us build an Irish republic worthy of the name.”