Anger at HE after flooding

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A Greysteel woman has hit out at the Housing Executive after her home was flooded for a second time in as many weeks.

Karen Moore’s home in St. Columba’s Walk in Greysteel fell victim to the torrential rain on Wednesday evening while she was in the middle of making the family dinner.

“I was at home on my own and, all of a sudden, the water started coming in, gradually to begin with and then really quickly, rushing through the house,” she told the ‘Journal’.“I grabbed the phone and rang the Housing Executive (HE) and, in the other hand, I had a brush trying to sweep the water out. I couldn’t get the water out quick enough.”

Mrs Moore estimates that within 20 minutes several inches of water ran through the house. It ruined the wooden floor in the living room, rugs, some items of furniture and several of her daughter’s toys.

She said the response of the Housing Executive was that “it was nothing to do with them and they gave me the number of the DoE”.

Mrs Moore is grateful the situation wasn’t worse but said she alerted the Housing Executive to the flooding concerns at her house a fortnight ago when there was similar heavy rain, although nowhere near as bad as this week.

“They were warned about this,” she said, “but, I’m thankful because it could have been much worse.”

Neighbour Christine McLaughlin lives just a couple of doors away on St. Columba’s Walk and also suffered flooding. She had only moved into the HE property last week with her two young children.

“It happened so quickly,” she said. “I was in the kitchen and I looked out and saw about a foot of water at the front door. I grabbed the kids to get them to safety.”

She said there had also been raw sewage flowing on the driveway outside, adding: “It was a scary ordeal and I don’t want to stay here.”

A spokesperson for the Housing Executive said: “The flooding in these two properties in Greysteel was caused by the huge volume of rain which fell in such a short space of time yesterday evening.”

The spokesperson said the Assistant District Manager and Maintenance Manager would visit the properties affected yesterday morning to assess the situation “and we will deal with the matter as quickly as possible”.