Annual walk on the city’s walls to raise awareness of Sarcoma cancer

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Derry’s city walls will turn into a sea of yellow later this month to raise awareness of the rare cancer Sarcoma.

The annual walk organised by Paul’s Campaign is to take place on July 28 and Free Derry Corner will be painted the brightest shade of yellow prior to the event.

The walk is held in memory of Paul Coyle and to raise awareness of the rare cancer.

Paul was diagnosed with Sarcoma on his 27th birthday and sadly died 11 weeks later.

Sarcoma is a cancer that develops in the muscle, bone, nerves, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels or fatty tissues.

There are around 100 different types of Sarcoma and approximately 10 people are diagnosed with this kind of cancer every day.

People can survive Sarcoma if it is diagnosed quickly, when treatments can be effective and before it has spread to other parts of the body.

It was Paul’s dying wish that his family raise awareness of Sarcoma.

Paul’s Campaign’ is the result of this dying wish and the registered charity have been working tirelessly over the last seven years since to ensure people are aware of Sarcoma and it symptoms.

The annual walk has been growing in popularity with more than 1,000 people taking part in the last couple of years.

Francie Coyle, Paul’s father, said that while the walk is to raise awareness of Sarcoma other charities, including Destined and the Pink Ladies, have been huge supporters of the event.

This year has been a particularly busy year for the charity, which supports other families affected by Sarcoma and sick children.

They recently sent families to Blackpool after linking with the Donna’s Dream House Charity.

Francie said the families had a great time and one of the children ‘didn’t want to come home, she wanted to stay there forever.’

Later this month Paul’s Campaign and the couple behind Donna’s Dream House are due to attend a Civic Reception in the Guildhall.

The charity is also finalising events for later in the year,

They will once again host a Strictly Come Dancing event in November, with training due to start shortly.

Paul’s Campaign will also be holding a Full Monty night in The Cosh Inn on September 14.

All money raised will be used to send sick children and their families and parents who have lost a child through illness on free holidays to the Disney style resort Donna’s Dream House in Blackpool.

For information about the fundraising and awareness events visit or and also at