Ant and Dec boarding pass for Derry man

John Burke with his boarding pass.
John Burke with his boarding pass.

A Galliagh man has become the latest person to win big on ITV’s Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

John Burke, 22, won a holiday to Florida after waiting six hours in Victoria Square shopping centre for a chance to prove himself in front of the show’s ‘Supercomputer’.

The Supercomputer was in Belfast on Monday where John was waiting for his time to shine. The supercomputer decides how long each participant gets, from as little as 20 seconds up to 20 minutes depending on how entertaining they are.

John and his friend Declan both went along for a chance to win. “We went down to try it and if I won he would get my other ticket and if he won I would get his. That was the deal.”

The supercomputer gives participants prompts on what to do, “It made me dance, sing Danny Boy and Dirty old Town. It gave me a space hopper and made me dance, then gave me two pink feathers and I had to do an interpretive dance.

“I had to lead an aerobics class and get the crowd to join in. I did a lot of thrusting.”

The thing that won over the supercomputer the most, according to John was, “I made water come out of my nose. The supercomputer loved that. It asked me to do it twice.”

After 20 minutes in front of the massive crowd two tickets popped out of the computer and John ‘lost it.’ He didn’t think he was in with a chance of winning because two women before him had already won.

“There’s usually only one winner per week, so I thought I had no chance. The producer told me it’s very rare for there to be three winners.” But John won the heart of the computer and won himself and Declan a week in Florida and tickets to Universal Studios and a water park. They, along with the rest of the series’ winners, will be flying out in three weeks time.