Anti social behaviour causes residents to erect illegal wall

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The erection of an illegal wall in Muff has been the subject of a bitter dispute between neighbours in the Whitehill and Ard Ban housing estates.

The wall, which connects the two housing estates, was blocked off by residents from the Whitehill estate.

One angry resident who contacted the ‘Journal’ yesterday said people in Ard Ban and local traders who use the path on a regular basis are furious this has been closed up.

“This grants the users of the footpath access to the main street, but now each end of the path has been blocked off. Ard Ban residents were not consulted, neither were the council nor the Gardai.”

Local councillor for the area Mickey Doherty said he has made the council aware of the wall as it is in breach of planning regulations, however the Quigley’s Point man admits there is more to the story.

“Some of the residents of the Whitehill estate have been experiencing a lot of anti social behaviour from young boys in the area. They are constantly taunting some of the residents in Whitehill and messing about by climbing on the roof of Borderland. There is general mischievous behaviour and drinking going on in that area, and it is becoming a complete annoyance to the residents.”

Colr Doherty said the gardai are aware of the activity and they have done all they can to stamp it out, but admits there isn’t much they can do about it.

“This is just few boys getting up to this, most of them are fine, but there’s always a few.

“But we need to do something about this behaviour. We have to deal with the young culprits. I’ve been in the area and I’ve seen with my own two eyes what they are up to and it’s not on.”

Colr Doherty said the residents in Whitehill erected the wall but although he understands their situation, he has reported to the planning department of Donegal County Council.

“I spoke with Martin McDermott from the planning department and I will be back on to him again. I understand their frustration but I don’t think legally they can close off this pathway.

“Local business people and residents in Ard Ban don’t want this pathway closed off as it does significantly shorten their journey time out of the estate. I visited the estate this morning(Monday) and I have had a lot of phone calls over the weekend, so hopefully we can sort it out soon.”