Appeal after catch tumble dryer attack

McReynolds bar in Dungiven.
McReynolds bar in Dungiven.

The owner of a Dungiven bar is appealing for information after a tumble dryer was thrown through the pub window.

Police say the dryer broke the window, but fell back onto the footpath outside McReynolds’ Bar on Main Street, Dungiven, on Sunday, January 17th.

Finvola Hassan, who runs the bar with her husband, said they don’t why it happened or who is responsible.

Mrs Hasson said sometimes the electrical shop across the street leaves old appliances outside and “somebody decided to throw a tumble dryer through our window,” she told the ‘Journal’.

Mrs Hassan said when the attack happened they thought it was a car crash.

“We did get quite a shock,” she said, explaining there were three customers in the bar at the time, preparing to leave.

“Thankfully no one was injured, but it could have been serious,” she said, adding: “I know it’s a quirky story and there is the humourous side to it, but we’ve been left with a bill to pay,” said Mrs Hassan.

The window, which was specially sand-blasted with the bar name, has since been replaced.