Archaeology Fund launched during 1615 event

Around 80 people gathered at the weekend for the Walls 400 History Lecture on the subject of ‘The Great Northern Plot of 1615’.

The lecture on ‘The Great Northern Plot of 1615’ was delivered at St Columb’s Cathedral by Raymond Gillespie, Professor of History at Maynooth University’ and launched a new Walled City Archeology Fund.

The audience was also addressed by his Honour Judge Philip Babington, the current Recorder for the city, whose predecessor in that post, George Carey of Redcastle, played a key role in the events of 1615.

The plot and subsequent trial took place in the newly renamed city and county of ‘Londonderry’ 400 years ago this year.

Mark Lusby, project co-ordinator for the Friends of the Derry Walls said:

“The dramatic story of the plot and trial seems to have continually slipped from public memory over the 400 years since 1615.

“If such historic events had occurred in Belfast or Dublin, they would now be the subject of books, plays and documentaries.

“As Professor Gillespie explained last night, the surviving 30 depositions or witness statements from the trial, provide a unique insight into the lives of English and Scottish Settlers and into the lives of the native Irish in Derry in 1615,” the project coordinator added.

Students from the Ulster University’s School for Creative Arts also provided a dramatic interpretation of the Plot for the audience.