From the archive: Carn parents protest at '˜Ireland's biggest school' - January 1988

More than 500 parents attended a protest meeting on the education cuts in Carndonagh Community School on Monday and unanimously supported a resolution calling on the government to restore 'realistic funding' of the school.

Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 9:00 pm

Principal, Father Kevin McKenna, told the ‘Journal’ on Tuesday that their budget was cut by £60,000 last year and both the school and the students were suffering.

“We ended 1987 £8,000 in the red after a year of extreme economy. We haven’t got our budget for this year yet - that’s why we are trying to act now before the announcement is made - but there’s no way we can cope with this type of funding. We’re trying to run the school on a shoestring.”

Carndonagh Community School is the biggest secondary school in the Republic with 1,320 pupils and 71 teachers.