From the archive: Dana releases first record '˜Sixteen' and '˜Little Girl Blue' on Decca - November 1967

Dana's first record released today

Tuesday, 21st November 2017, 11:54 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:30 pm

Student Dana has been signed up on a Decca Recording contract by Dick Rave, the record company’s executive producer at its London office.

On her first disc she sings ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Little Girl Blue.’

‘Sixteen’ was written for her by schoolmaster Tony Johnston, who promoted her and secured her recording contract.

The recording was made at the Ardmore Film Studios in Bray, with production by A.C.T. man Tommy Ellis and arrangements by Michael Geoghegan of Decca.

Dana herself wrote ‘Little girl Blue’ and Derryman Joe McIntyre plays trumpet on the disc.

Derry wants motorway line fixed

Derry Corporation’s General Purposes Committee is to urge the Ministry of Development to establish the line of the proposed Derry to Belfast motorway so that detailed design work, in so far, as the section within the city boundary is concerned, could be commenced.

The City Surveyor, Mr. J.C. Mackinder, said the work could be done by direct labour and would be a major relief scheme for the unemployed.

Mr. Mackinder went on to say that he thought it was essential to take all possible steps to expedite consideration of the proposal and to indicate a starting date in the forseeable future.

Did Celtic act fairly?

The reverberations of that infamous Celtic-Racing Club footbrawl in Montevideo will doubtless roll on for a long time.

One inescapable fact that emerges is that soccer-wise there are gulfs as large between continents as the political differences that bedevil nations. It is evident that in interpretations about what is permissible and what is not, what is minor and what is a major infraction of rules, there is more than one school of thought.

The burning issue in this hemisphere appears to be whether the Celtic club acted fairly in fining all eleven players who played against Racing.