From the archive: G.P.O. Club's 426 members retain position at top of the local clubs' drinking league spending a total of £95,758 - December 1992

G.P.O. Club spends £95k on alcohol

Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:35 pm

The 9,729 members of Registered Clubs in the Derry City Council area spent £799,696 on alcohol during the year ending August 31, 1991, with the highest spenders being the members of the G.P.O. Sports Club Little James Street.

The G.P.O. Club’s 426 members retained their position at the top of the local clubs’ drinking league spending a total of £95,758 on intoxicating liquor, with the 804 Gransha Hospital Staff Social Club members who forked out some £87,055 on alcohol, just pipping the A.O.H. Social and Recreational Club’s 1,200 members who spent a total of £86,843 for second spot.

N.I.E. warns farmers of slurry

Northern Ireland Electricity plc. has warned farmers to be careful when it comes to slurry spreading after discovering a major supply line in the Derry area had been inadvertently sprayed at the weekend.

The slurry caused the 110,000 volt transmission line to trip out but due to N.I.E. switching the load, there was no loss of supply.

N.I.E. say that where wet slurry is sprayed onto live electrical lines it acts like water, which is a conductor of electircity and could have possibly endangered the life of the driver. Now the slurry has dried it presents no further problems, however.

Ten All-Stars for the North West

In the 106 year history of the G.A.A. Donegal has picked up only four All-Star Awards - until this week!

The All-Ireland champs are now the toast of the G.A.A. world having been awarded seven of this year’s fifteen awards. And to make it a really great week for the North West, Derry’s superb Ulster Final team received due recognition for their splendid displays in recent months with a further three placings on the All-Star team. If these awards alone did not secure the pole position for the North West, Brian McEniff winning manager of the year was the icing on the cake.