From the archive - Phenomenal 11 inch potato causes a stir in Malin - January 1968

Phenomenal 11 inch Malin potato

Friday, 5th January 2018, 7:00 pm

What has been regarded as a phenomenon in the Malin area is a potato of unusual size and shape dug on the lands of Mr. Harvey Stewart, Drumcarbit.

Due no doubt to dehydration, it has decreased three ounces in weight since it was first dug and it is now 3lbs. 7 oz. It is 11 inches in length and 13 inches in circumference and is of the white Craig Royal variety.

Already there is a certain awareness locally of the County Donegal Fleadh in Malin during the summer. The function has been assiged to Malin conditional on support of the business community and the public generally.

Moville housing needs spotlighted

At a largely attended meeting of Fine Gael members in the Foyle Hotel, Moville, Deputy Paddy Harte, was warmly congratulated on his speech in the Dáil recently for highlighting the erosion at the River Roe and the neglect of the Government for not having this remedied despite repeated promises.

The dire scarcity of houses in the Moville area was also discussed at length. It was pointed out that only one house had been built by the Co. Council in Moville over a long period. Deputy Harte and Councillor Gillen assured the meeting they would do everything in their power to remedy the position.

Clean the Culdaff river

Sir, The failure to clean the Culdaff river has resulted in scores of acres of excellent tillage land on each side of the river becoming waterlogged and useless for want of drains.

The efforts to get the river cleaned go back seventy years.

A foreign government was in control at the time and was not interested.

To-day a native government is in charge. I would suggest that the Culdaff local development company contact the responsible authority with a view to having the river cleaned and the bushes cut.

This is a good salmon river and tourists would come to fish even outside the tourist season. ‘Concerned.’