Arlo’s back in Culdaff

Arlo Guthrie - back in McGrory's Culdaff on Saturday night.
Arlo Guthrie - back in McGrory's Culdaff on Saturday night.

US singer-songwriter Arlo Guthrie returns to McGrory’s Culdaff on Saturday night as part of a short Irish tour in the year which marks the centenary of the birth of his father, the renowned Woody Guthrie.

The three Irish dates kick off a solo tour called ‘Here Comes The Kid’, which continues through the rest of 2012 and into 2013 “in celebration of Woody Guthrie’s immeasurable contributions to the landscape of American folk music”.

Neil McGrory said; “Since childhood, Arlo was amazed by the creative genius of his father and his friends that would drop by: Leadbelly, Brownee McGee, and Cisco Houston to name a few. Not surprising, Arlo drew from those experiences and he in turn became a delineative figure for a new generation. Arlo has long paid homage to his dad with his own renditions of Woody’s songs, but of equal importance – Woody’s legacy is well defined in Arlo’s own works: in his humor, his political and social activism, and his undeniable gift for storytelling.

“This is a chance to join Arlo Guthrie in honoring the enduring commitment of Woody Guthrie with an unforgettable night of music and stories confirming that the folk tradition of Woody is alive and well. Arlo’s exceptional solo shows are a unique and inspiring experience providing an intimacy with the audience that is unparalleled. Here Comes the Kid will run nationwide through 2013 in select venues, and will celebrate the legacy of Guthrie’s father in a manner to make any parent proud: to take what his dad started, and make it his own.”

The other dates in this short Irish visit are the Hawks Well in Sligo on Sunday and The Button Factory in Dublin on Wednesday 19th.