Arrests after Derry riot

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Two men have been arrested in Derry after rioting broke out in the Galliagh area of the city.

Police say a barricade was set alight in Moss Park at around 10:30pm last night.

A number of missiles were thrown at police in the area.

Two men - aged 18 and 43 - were arrested on suspicion of riotous behaviour.

Sinn Féin Councillor Elisha McCallion says the disturbances only succeededed in terrorising local residents

“The small anti community element involved in this activity have only succeeded in terrorising local residents living in the vicinity of Moss and Bracken Park, Collon Lane and destroying the local environment. It created a lot of fear and apprehension in the area.

“The main road was blocked by burning wheelie bins and other materials. Residents who lost wheelie bins will now have to pay to have them replaced and this is an extra financial burden they could do without.

“There were serious concerns raised earlier in the week about a bonfire in the area. What happened here last night has just magnified those concerns and is doing untold damage to the image of the area. People are trying very hard to make Galliagh better place to live in.

“I would make an urgent appeal for this nonsense to stop immediately,” she says.