Attacking buses is not a game PSNI say after window smashed


A group of young people who put a brick through a bus window in Derry on Monday have been issued a stern warning by police who asked those involved in such attacks to think of those using the service.

The incident occurred on Monday evening in the Hazelbank area.

Police at Strand Road said they believed a group of four children, aged between 10 and 13 years of age, were responsible.

“One of them threw a brick that smashed a window,” the PSNI stated.

“This doesn’t even make me angry it just makes me sad. This is a service used by all sections of our community; young people to get to clubs, folks going to and from work, older free bus pass users.

“Any one of our parents or grandparents could have been sat next to that window.

“We need to educate our kids that attacking buses is not funny and not a game.

“Any info call us on 101 and quote 1271,” police at Strand Road urged.