Attorney General orders new inquest into death of Derry teenager

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A fresh inquest is to be held into the 1972 shooting of a Derry teenager by the British Army.

Manus Deery was 15 years old when he was shot in the Bogside area of the city in May 1972.

The Deery family have now received a letter from the Attorney General for Northern Ireland John Larkin ordering a fresh inquest into his death.

Earlier this year the family were critical of a report by the Historical Enquiries Team into the death of the teenager.

A previous inquiry returned an ‘open verdict’.

Manus’ sister Helen welcomed the fresh inquest.

“ I welcome the news and feel it is only right and fitting that a full and proper inquest be held into the circumstances of Manus’s killing.

“This new inquest will give all of those involved, witnesses and soldiers, the chance to tell the truth. After forty years it is the least my young brother deserves,” she said.