Bailiffs, vulture funds don’t exist in vacuum says Derry ex-POW Nathan Hastings after Roscommon eviction

Derry ex-republican prisoner Nathan Hastings.
Derry ex-republican prisoner Nathan Hastings.

A Derry ex-POW has weighed in on the controversy over repossessions and evictions after the events in Roscommon.

Nathan Hastings, a member of Saoaradh, criticised those carrying out the evictions but pointed out that they didn’t exist in a vacuum.

“They exist because we live in a society in which the sources of our wealth are owned and controlled privately by a minority and a state, political, legal and military and police structure has been bred out of this system of ownership which protects the system of ownership and control- namely capitalism.

"To complain about the structure, i.e. the gardaí, the bailiffs, the politicians, etc. is fruitless unless ultimately the system at the core of this structure changes,” claimed Mr. Hastings.