Ballykelly toilets final flush ahead

The new public toilets in Ballykelly. (2904PG04)
The new public toilets in Ballykelly. (2904PG04)

Residents and passers-by through Ballykelly will be able to use the first set of public toilets in the village shortly.

After substantial discussion about the facilities, Limavady Borough Council finally got the green light from planners about the location of the toilets last year.

Located in the upper car park on the Glenhead Road, initally the toilets were going to cost around £100,000. The swanky facility would have been self cleaning but, after discussion, Council elected against that and made substantial savings of around £40,000. Most of the work was completed by Council staff with a company being tendered to fit them out.

The modest facility should be operating in the next few weeks, according to a Council spokesperson.

It is not known yet, however, if the toilets will be coin operated - similar to the toilets in Limavady - or if they will be open for a fixed period. The toilets in Limavady have been vandalised so many times with super glue being put on the coin slot, they are expensive to repair, said the spokesperson.