Ballymac blighted by ‘muck bombs’

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A disabled mother of three has asked parents in Ballymagroarty, ‘do they know where your children are?’

Claire Thompson was speaking after her home and several of her neighbours homes and vehicles were targeted by young people throwing ‘muck bombs.’

A number of houses are virtually decorated with top soil which had been flung by young people in the area.

The youngsters involved, according to Mrs. Thompson, are stealing the pipes which they use to fling the dirt from “the homes of her neighbours.”

She claims this leads to the flooding of gardens and adjoining properties. As well as a number of homes, the young people involved have also targeted cars, buses and people themselves. “Someone is going to be hurt, either by a muck bomb or by their window coming in around them.”

Have-a-go hero Mrs. Thompson has actually begun ‘disarming’ the teens of their pipes.

“I have started a collection in my spare room. Don’t these young people know what they are doing is hurting their own neighbours? I know a number of people who have been hit by muck bombs as they walked down the street. The young people responsible think this is funny.

“I would have to ask their parents do they not know what their children are up to?”

The situation has calmed in recent days but it remains to be seen if this was due to an intervention by Community Restorative Justice or simply because of the heavy rainfall.

“We are going to stand up to these young ones. Some of the neighbours grab the pipes off them as they walk past. They are totally wrecking the street. Someone is going to have an accident if they hit a car windscreen,” said Mrs. Thompson.

Sinn Fein Councillor for Northlands, Gerry MacLochlainn condemned the outbreak of “muck” throwing at houses and cars, stating: “The young people who are engaging in this type of behaviour are causing alarm and damage to their own communities and they need to stop what they are doing.

“If a car were to be damaged by one of these “muck bomb” attacks an accident could occur that could lead to injury or worse among local people getting caught up in these incidents.”

Echoing Mrs. Thompson’s statement Councillor MacLochlainn added: “This is not acceptable and I appeal to parents to watch what their children are doing and play their part in stopping their children getting caught up in anti-community activity.”