Ballymac hoax another attempt to ‘lure’ police

The suspect device at show at Ballymagroarty on Wednesday morning.  (2904JB041)
The suspect device at show at Ballymagroarty on Wednesday morning. (2904JB041)

The latest hoax bomb alert in Derry was another bid to lure police into danger, a senior PSNI officer has said.

Homes in the Dunluce Court area of Ballymagroarty were evacuated for a time on Wednesday after a suspicious package was discovered. It’s believed about 100 people had to be moved from their homes.

Two people were arrested after police were attacked at the scene of the bomb alert. The pair were arrested after allegedly trying to breach a cordon.

PSNI Area Commander, Chief Inspector John Burrows, said those responsible for the disruption had “no part to play in our community.”

“Over the last number of weeks, we have seen an increase in the number of hoax calls here in the city - most turned out to be false and we believe it was a deliberate attempt to draw police in to the area,” he said.

Thanking the public for their patience, Ch Insp Burrows was clear on where the blame lay.

“The blame for this whole incident must be firmly laid at the feet of a small number who have no regard for who may be affected by their actions.

“As a community, we should be looking to blame this disruption on the person or persons who made the calls claiming the device had been left.

“The people who carry out these acts are not part of the society within which the majority of people of Northern Ireland wish to live.

“This operation has tied up resources in these local areas.”

“We are determined to deliver the service our community deserves and will continue to work tirelessly with communities and community representatives in an effort to continually improve policing and assure residents we will do all we can to bring this type of criminal to justice.”