Ballymagroarty not ‘high enough priority’ for works

The Department for Infrastructure has said Ballymagroarty is not deemed a sufficiently high priority for footpath resurfacing compared with other parts of Derry.

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 10:00 pm

Sinn Féin Councillor Eric McGinley has written to DfI to lobby for resurfacing.

He said: “In recent weeks Sinn Féin has met with Roads Service, Housing Executive, Department for Communities and the Council in order to raise concerns given to us by residents. The residents have expressed particular concern at the accumulation of moss on the footpaths which have made them look unsightly but have also made them dangerous to walk on.

“Whilst the agencies we have met have agreed to carry out cleansing work on the footpaths in the forthcoming period it is accepted that the longer term solution would be the resurfacing of the network with material which is easier to maintain.”

A DfI spokesperson said: “The Department carefully considers all requests for improvements and maintenance works to publicly maintained footways.

“However, these must be prioritised for inclusion in any future resurfacing programme and compete for limited financial resources. Ballymagroarty would not currently be considered a sufficiently high priority for inclusion in a programme of works when compared with many other urban areas within the Council area.

“The Department will continue to carry out routine inspections and any defects identified will be repaired in accordance with our current policies and standards.”