Ballyquin Road flags to ‘come down this weekend’

Flags pictured on the Ballyquinn Road. (1804SL40)
Flags pictured on the Ballyquinn Road. (1804SL40)

Organisers responsible for erecting Irish Tricolours on the Ballyquin Road in Limavady have vowed to remove the flags this weekend.

The flags were erected prior to the Easter commemoration. In all, the flags erected included 36 Tricolours and four Starry 
Plough flags.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, one of the men involved in erecting the flags said it was the first time this year nationalist and republican flags had been erected in the town. He said the only other scheduled time for Triciours to fly along the road would be in August, during the 
commemoration weekend for INLA hunger striker Kevin Lynch 
from Dungiven.

“We will be taking them down this weekend,” the man told the ‘Journal’. “People know why they went up and we kept them up until after (Margaret) Thatcher’s funeral.”

The matter had been mentioned at a meeting of Limavady Borough Council earlier this week. Sinn 
Fein councillor Sean McGlinchey said he had spoken with those responsible for the flags on Ballyquin Road and had been 
given assurances they 
would come down 
this weekend.

“I think people have to stop talking about flags and sit down and talk to communities. If unionists want a new beginning let’s sit 
down and talk about it, and we did that last year in Limavady with the DUP,” he said, adding Dungiven was an example to 
other areas when it comes 
to flags.

“Flags only fly in Dungiven two times during the year; during Easter and during the Kevin Lynch commemoration weekend. That was started a number of years ago, and I think it’s an example to other places,” 
he added.