Ban ‘Danny Boy’ on St Patrick’s Day, says US-based writer

There was plenty of enthusiasm for all things Irish on Thursday past at Farland Way in Hazelbank.

Members of the Cosy Club were treated to a traditional feast while footage of Michael Flatley provided the entertainment.

Funding for the special afternoon came from the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure via the community engagement officer for the Outer West.

Margaret Cunningham, Health Facilitator with Habinteg Housing, was only too glad to help organise and promote the event alongside Geraldine Fitzpatrick from the Cosy Club.

“I asked Geraldine if she’d like to host the event and before long there was a big interest,” said Margaret.

“We had a three course meal involving vegetable soup, bacon and cabbage and jelly mousses with Mint Chocolate Aero so it was all very green! It was a lovely atmosphere and everyone was looked after by Shaun Cunningham who was our waiter for the day. Everyone was asked to wear something green on the day too and people were shown how to make better use of their leftovers as part of the Scrooge programme which we currently have running. The day went very well thanks to the efforts of the hardworking volunteers and of course Geraldine Fitzpatrick who works tirelessly for the group and is so highly valued.”

Geraldine said she was delighted with the turnout for Thursday’s event.

“We had around 25 people and for many of them it was a chance to come out and have a chat and have a bit of fun while learning practically about how to use their food and how to safely prepare leftovers. It was a really worthwhile and enjoyable way to mark St Patrick’s Day.”