Band video claims ‘pathetic’

Sinn Fein in Dungiven have reacted angrily to claims about a local flute band playing “sectarian songs” outside a Church of Ireland in the town, blasting it as “a pathetic attempt to cause tension”.

Footage of the Kevin Lynch Memorial Flute Band was posted on YouTube claiming “IRA flute bands purposely stop outside a protestant church in Dungiven - to play sectarian songs on 1st August 2012”.

The post goes on to state: “A mother-and-toddler group were in the church at the time and had to barricade the doors during the parade for fear that drunken bandsmen and IRA supporters would try to enter the building and attack them”.

In a statement to the press this week, regarding Dungiven, the Parades Commission said: “From media reports we are also recently aware of concerns about participants understood to have processed outside a place of worship in the village.

“The Commission will consider any relevant information provided to it and may similarly invite the organisers to respond. The Commission will be mindful of previous behaviour or issues when considering future events.”

However, Colr. Sean McGlinchey said the footage was from the annual Kevin Lynch commemoration, which took place from 12.30 on July 29.

He said the band stopped at the memorial monument for Kevin Lynch, which he pointed out is 50 metres or so from the Church of Ireland. He said the band had been stopping at that location for the past 10 years and there had never been an issue.

“Why bring it up now?” he asked.